Day tours

Day tours to the best birding areas in Andalucia



day toursTour 1. Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas.

The Natural Park offers some of the wildest landscapes in the Iberian Peninsular. Reaching an impressive altitude of over 6,800 feet, it’s home to a landscape of  rocky peaks, sheer cliffs and gorges, magnificent waterfalls, and one of the largest reservoirs in Andalusia, El Tranco. In such dramatic and varied wilderness you might expect an abundance of nature, and such is the case in one of the most biodiversified regions in all of Europe and birthplace of the legendary River Guadalquivir.

Tour 2. Sierra Mágina. The realm of the Golden Eagle.

Known as ‘Mountain of the Spirits’ in Moorish times, and at a majestic 7,100 feet, the highest peaks of the region, the sierra offers the most spectacular views across lands replete with olive groves. Home to an exceptionally high density of nesting Golden eagle and other soaring raptors, the highland slopes and meadowlands bear witness to some truly remarkable botany. A route that brings together the land, life and lore of this truly unspoilt part of Spain.

Tour 3. Sierras de Andújar. The last Lynx land. 

This dedicated day trip to Sierras de Andujar Natural Park is a must for any wildlife or mammal watcher who wants to see what Europes last few areas of wilderness still harbour. The highlights: Spanish imperial eagle, Black vulture, Goshawk, Blue-winged magpie…and of course, the Iberian lynx.



Tour 1. Nature of the Serrania de Ronda. Mountain birds.

Whether you enjoy spectacular scenery or fauna and flora, then this personally guided birdwatching tour of the Serranía de Ronda and Sierra de Grazalema is for you!

Tour 2. Mountains to Lagoons. Mountain and wetland birds.

A typical day for visiting the Lagunas de Campillos and Fuente de Piedra begins with our journey from our base near to Ronda. The contrast in scenery and wildlife is very spectacular, travelling over mountains and eventually arriving to the rolling hills and flat basin that surrounds Fuente de Piedra.

Tour 3. A journey into Steppe Country. Steppe birds.

For some very unusual and much sought after species, this day tour can produce excellent chances for such species as Great Bustard and in the summer, Roller. It is a route that has been researched to give rewards to the birder at any time of year.



Tour 1. Northern Doñana: the birding experience.

The best places to watch birds in the Doñana Area are in the surroundings of the National Park. We get to the Northern Doñana Area through farms, paddy fields and marshlands close to the mouth of the river Guadalquivir.

Tour 2. Southern Doñana: bird scenery.

We visit the Asperillo, a scrubland on old dunes to look for warblers. Then we go close to the river La Rocina which enters the “Marsh Mother” at El Rocio, an astonishing birding spot.

Tour 3. Odiel Marshes Nature Reserve:  the kingdom of the tide.

This is a day out to the “Kingdom of Tide” to look for waders, seabirds and water birds. The visit to the restricted area offers a good chance to get the closest view to many of those including the resident flamingos and spoonbills as well as ospreys.